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  1. Hello Everyone

    This is my second blog and possibly the last one before 2017.

    I hope you are doing well in your therapies.  For this month we have a special giveaway of 10 A6 chakra plain note books designed by the talented Emma Allard Smith who designed the hands and feet especially for us (photo on home page).As we only have 10 in stock, it will be on a first come, first serve basis. Only one note book  per address will be sent out when you order.  It does not matter what the order is.


    Just introduced Faerie Meditation Cream which is scented (perfumed)and is infused with Rhodochrosite gemstone and Fairy rose. This cream would be good for customers or teachers who wish to meditate and reach a different realm. 


    For those of you who have an interest in Chinese meridian therapy as well as chakras, we have a download that cross references the two.  This gives a little insight into how they interact and may be useful for you to use with your own therapy.

    That's all for the moment folks.  We will endeavour to get your orders out as quickly as we can.  Check back here for the last order dates before Christmas.




  2. I overheard a conversation in a shop some months back between two women.  "I feel so sorry for those people who live for their holidays because they don't like their jobs.  I can't ever imagine disliking what I do. What's the point in that?"

    How many times have you heard a similar conversation like this?   It got me thinking about the Wild Oat flower remedy. Wild oat is a flexible, grass type plant. When the wind catches it, the many stems move in all directions.  This plant remedy is often used for those who do not know or have not realised their true vocation or potential. Branching out in all different directions - being scattered and getting nowhere.  Using this remedy with a personal chakra colour therapy can help your clients discover their true vocation in life.  So, next time when you hear them lament about their jobs or not knowing what they want to do in life, suggest Wild Oat!