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  1. Happy New Year!

    I hope you all had a very good Christmas and New Year.  I would like to introduce to you a new service which reads the energies of the planets and stars. This is not the 'normal' astrology readings, for which there are many.  No, this is the energy of the gasses and dust which surrounds the galaxy. I felt there was a need for this as it can be frustrating to hear the same information each month.  However, the astrologer is only as good as his or her interpretations.  Looking deeper into the energies can reveal so much more than what is normaly said.  Energy reading is indeed an art, which brings me on to the next subject.  The galaxy produces colours so amazing that it is beyond anything we can imagine.  Reading how colours and movement can reveal small nuggets of information about you is exciting and can help you touch upon hidden realms you never thought possible.  Take a look at some of the readings from Art Tarot on You tube.  Some of these readings use art in its' abstraction to discover hidden information for relationships and life path, or why not purchase a reading?

    I have also just published a new book called Zodiac Love which indeed reads the energies of the stars and planets.  It can be a useful book for extra information for tarot readers and for those who run holistic workshops.  Take a look at the shop section. It will be fabulous to hear from you.

    Again, I wish you all a very prosperous New Year.


  2. Hello, Everyone

    We have not spoken for a while.  This is our new look website with some new products added.  We have now added Energy Nail Polishes.  These nail polishes have elemental energies in them and can be worn just as normal nail polishes and can be  removed with any nail polish remover. These are guilt free - not tested on animals and contain no animal products and also '5 free' - so none of the usual unpleasant chemicals found in some other brands.

    We are out of stock of essences and creams but will have them back in soon.

    We also have a new service where you can request a bespoke cream or essence containing special energies just for you or your client. Discounts are availble for large orders.

    Take care